Brutal and Bloody

Smoke On The Water || Alcander & Avery

Alcander’s cabin had spent their day with beating freshmen in sword fighting, wrestling or other activities. Now after they had bullied enough of the younger ones, Alcander had decided to join everyone else at the lake. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and most daughters of Aphrodite had laid down at the beach and now most of the boys had build a group around them. He didn’t really care about them, since he just had to wait until they saw him to come to him. The others weren’t a competition for him at all, but right no he was fixated on another girl. 

The most charming smile on his lips and his sunglasses hiding his eyes, he walked towards the Hecate Cabin. Avery was the girl with the beautiful smile he had met earlier and he had to get to know her. Knocking at the door caused his arm muscles to swell, but he didn’t care. It made him look better and stronger, and that were apparently his best characteristics.