Brutal and Bloody

Swimming || Alvery & Alcander

Since they had kissed in his cabin, Aclander and Avery haven’t seen each other. And now, he wanted to change that, because he wasn’t sure what actually happened. Alcander didn’t even know what happened exactly, what drove her to kiss him, but he would like to know. As he now grabbed a towel and walked over to her cabin, he had the goal to ask her to go swimming with him. A late night dipping in the lake, nothing direct, just something to do. He knew that she was into Travis, or had kissed him a while ago, but he didn’t care. Knocking at her door he looked around the camp for one of the adults, Alcander wasn’t allowed to get caught. One last time and he would loose training privileges, so he hoped that she opened the door fast.

Hey, hello.


Want to go swimming?

I would love that, beautiful.

Hey, hello.



Now I’m good.

I’m all yours.

Hey, hello.


Alcander. Hey. How are you?

I’m great now that you are here. What about you?

bonniepatterson sent: "Warning: This is not a friendly person" I'm sorry, but you can't not be friendly with me -smiles-

Who are you and why are you talking to me.

ximenacox-chb sent: Alcander, I keep on missing you at camp events. How have you been?

I prefer not to be around there. They just keep annoying me. Also, they are lame. But I’ve been great, what about you?



I’m done with training for the day, if anyone wants to do anything.

I’m yours for the day, beautiful.